My Tethered Soul

My Tethered Soul - Dorothy Dreyer
Rating: 5 stars

I would like to thank the author for giving me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

My Thethered Soul is the second book to the Reapers Rite. I loved my Sisters Reaper and knew I had to read My Thethered Soul.

Once again I loved Zadie. But her relationship with Gavin just doesn't do it for me. I love love Chase he is so much hotter, with his cool gifts and his serious ways. His brother Hunter is pretty cool too. But the award for most entertaining character goes to Liluria, her dry comments had me laughing. She's the main thing that holds this group together and her patience are tested, she doesn't just have one sister no she has two. Mara is back and so is her powers. She doesn't stick out for me much, I was so absorbed in reading every little piece with Zadie and Chase. And in this book we get to learn why Chase always wears the trench coat.

The book was full of action and never stopped. I don't know why but it freaked me out when Zadie was sleepwalking to the house, espeically when when she goes into the secret room. There I got the shivers again.

Overall a great read, with a lot of suprises like Zadies mum. :)

I would highly recommend this to all fantasy/paranormal fans.