Angelfall - Susan Ee Review of Angelfall

Rating: 5 stars

This has to be one of the most original stories I have read in a long time. Angels roam the earth, and the human species is dwindling fast. The angels aren’t here to help us, they’re here to destroy us.

Penryn the main character was so realistic with her judgement calls, she was no hero her main concerns where her sister Paige and her mother. That’s until Raffe an angel at deaths door presents itself with an opportunity. He can help her find her sister who was taken by the angels. Raffe is no ordinary angel he’s an archangel and one with a conscience. It isn’t exactly a love story that blossoms between them but more of an understanding that their not that different – angels and humans, and soon they see past their differences and help each other for Penryn it’s to save her sister and for Raffe it’s to have his wings sown back on.

Penryn mother is unhinged even before the angels arrived she spoke of demons and things she could see her abuse towards her daughters has left Penryn with little time for her, and Paige at the age of seven in a wheelchair. It’s sad but the author manages to cover up this with humour and I couldn’t stop laughing. Every time her mother did something bonkers. By the end of the book I questioned if her mother was really insane, or if all she saw was the truth, and her actions have meaning. She seems to survive in the most extreme situation.

The end broke my heart. … O so many are damaged, so much hope is lost and the horror that the angels wreck on the world had my skin crawling.

Something new and fresh now off to read World After .