Fire and Fangs

Fire and Fangs - Josephine Mc Nabb Review of Fire and Fangs

Rating: 4 stars

First off I would like to point out that I do not like hot and heavy scenes and that’s why Fire and Fangs lost a star from me, as I skimmed any parts with heavy sex scenes. (Heavy to me could be light to others) this is my opinion and mine alone. :)

So moving on:
Danni and Keri are the two main characters, and they are very unlike any characters I have read before. They are out spoken; strong and always speak their minds. Yet in ways they are very very different.

Danni for me has serious anger issues but she struggles with her powers and it rises when her temper does, which is often, yet I loved her attitude it made me laugh throughout the story.

Keri on the other hand has serious issues and they revolve around Vampires. So when the Nest Master Damon’s life is at risk the two women are called in to figure out who is trying to kill him the story kicks in with lots of drama and action. With Keri’s past issues, being around a vampire that she is drawn to brings everything back up for her.

Throughout the story there was plenty of action and lots of drama. Which I loved and trying to figure out who is trying to kill Mater Damon keeps the plot going. The romance story - like I said before was heavy but yet enjoyable.

Overall a great read one I would recommend to vampire lovers with strong female roles (and heavy sex scenes).

I look forward to book two.