Untethered - Katie Hayoz Review of Untethered

Rating: 5 stars


This book wasn’t what I expected, the darkness in the story was very well written ,and it allowed us to see inside of the mind of someone, who walks on a tight rope between right and wrong, but when Sylvie bends the truth in her own head to make it sound reasonable she steps into the dark side and the consequences are deadly.

Sylvie- I think everyone at some point in their lives can relate to her. She’s a complex character one who never sees the good things only the bad, her view on herself and she paints it up – distorting the truth. Her life is no bed of roses and her gift makes her feel different in the worst way possible. But no-one’s life is perfect except Cassie her best friend – that’s how Sylvie sees it anyway, and when Kevin the guy she has loved since fifth grade takes an interest in Cassie, Sylvie’s hate, anger and jealousy push her to limits that no-one should venture to. On top of all that her parents are going through a divorce and Sylvie is bullied at school by Tori. She soon loses everything around her and we watch her step over to the dark side.

While reading this book it truly was food for thought. In life we sometimes never appreciate what’s in front of us always wanting to have what someone else has, or to be someone else. It’s not until you lose something in life that you see it’s true value, but for most of us at that stage it’s too late. So I feel the moral of the story is this:

Appreciate your life as no-matter what darkness is in it, remember there is also light – one can not exist without the other.

A smile would mean nothing until you have experienced a tear.
And most importantly don’t judge people y their appearance it’s wrong and more than likely your wrong about them.