(Un)wise - Melissa Haag Review of (Un)wise

Rating: 5 stars


Bethi is my favourite female Character in the judgement of six. That’s so far as this is the third instalment. So far I have meet Gabby and Michelle but Bethi got my full attention she was strong, sarcastic and fearless yet small, fragile and damaged a crazy combination but it worked so well and I just loved her.

Luke her love interest well he is just like Emmitt and Clay protective, loyal, possessive and loving (Clay is still my favourite male) but Luke seems to be a bit more respectful as far as doing anything with Bethi. It’s kind of sweet but Bethi doesn’t think so and it’s funny to watch Luke reject her again and again and again.
In (un)wise we finally find out why these women have gifts, what they are meant to do, how many there are. We find out so much that I was like “Of course, that makes sense”. It’s a satisfying answer, and through Bethi it’s all explained very well.

This book was by far my favourite (Clay still takes first place as the most amazing male character like ever) just needed to clear that up. Anyway I would highly recommend this book to all Romance, Paranormal and fantasy readers out there. This is book three so I can’t wait for Book four. But the first three got all five star ratings from me; it’s an awesome series one you have to read.