Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review of Onyx

Rating: 4 stars


After reading Obsidian I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the second book, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Katy is now connected to Daemon after he heals from an attack by the Arum. They keep up their usual sarcasm but Daemon wants Katy to see that he wants her, because he those and it’s not the connection. Katy being Katy doesn’t believe a word of it. So we watch Daemon try to swoop Katy off her feet.

Soon after Blake shows up and I must say straight away I didn’t like him I just got bad vibes, but when he freezes time in the café when their attached by an Arum, we learn more about the connection that Katy has formed with Daemon.
In book two we get to meet members of DOD who we believe are there to keep an eye on the Luxian’s but soon we learn that isn’t the case. The plot in book two delves deeper and soon it’s not just the Luxian’s lives on the line but Katy’s also.

I must say she makes some stupid calls, like with BLAKE I really wanted to smack her across the head, but it just makes the story more intriguing and I must say it kept me on the edge of my seat. Once again the love story was amazing. My favourite thing in this book, was when every time Daemon either spoke to Blake or spoke about him, he would call him every other name then Blake, I really thought it was hilarious. I was giggling away to myself no matter where I was, earning plenty of weird stares. But I just loved it.

The end leaves off at a very high point and now I need book three. Here we go again.