Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review of Obsidian

Rating: 5 stars


Before I even start with my review I just have to say that I loved this book it was just awesome, I laughed so much through it, that my jaws where sore.

Katy is a nerd, no other way to word it, she loves books her blog and they seem to be her life, until her mother ships her West Virginia. Her father had died from cancer and her mother felt they needed to start over.

Katy is a serious blusher and when she meets the neighbours next door, the fun starts. Daemon is drop dead gorgeous with a fit body and a sculptured face, but his mouth is another story. Katy lands on his door step unable to speak as she takes in his half naked body, but Daemon soon makes her close it by saying something sarcastic and sharp and so their relationship begins with this tone. It’s so funny I just loved the sarcasm and insults that seemed to flow so naturally between these two and then we meet Dee, Daemon’s sister, she a slice of sunshine.

Starting off senior year in a new school is hard enough but having Daemon in her Trig class just makes it so much harder. You can see from the start that something is very off about Dee and Daemon and we soon discover that they are aliens from another planet and they are entirely made from light. It’s actually really cool and something I myself found to be new and refreshing.

As the story rolls on so those danger and Katy soon finds herself been drawn into another world that she didn’t even know existed. The romance in this story was what did it for me, and I nearly cried when it ended wanted book two like now.

Overall a great read and one that I would highly recommend.