Blood Warrior

Blood Warrior - H.D. Gordon Review of Blood Warrior
Rating: 4 stars

This story is told through the eyes of Alexa, a girl who seems to be beaten daily by her mother. She seems to have so much hate and anger boiling inside that she may tip over the edge at any moment, and she does while protected her little sister Nelly. It’s a great victory for the reader. The guy who’s lights she punches out deserved it. At first I thought her mother was a cruel and cold person but soon began to understand that she was preparing her for something. And that something was vampires. The story took on a twist I really wasn’t expecting from the synopsis it says her town was ravaged by vampires but I soon learnt it was only her home and for a good reason. She flees with Nelly her sister leaving her mum to die; she really didn’t have a choice in my opinion, even though it eats away at her.

Alexa is strong and well composed for someone who is thrown into a paranormal world and with her friend Jackson to help her flee the story gets interesting. You can see from the start that Jackson is head over heels about Alexa but she really is none the wiser. Her sister’s safety seems to take place over her own safety or her life in general for that matter.

When she discovers a city that is protected from shall we say evil vampires (yes there is more than one type) Alexa learns who she is, a warrior and the last one of her kind. The city that she is brought into seems perfect. Everyone actually gets paid for going to school, how nice is that? :) It’s there that we meet Kayden; he is the perfect example of a male. Protective, good looking and always around when Alexa needs him and Alexa herself is attracted to him almost automatically but fights the attraction tooth and nail.
Soon Alexa begins to discover some sinister happenings in this almost perfect city and we see a different side, to her a more caring one and a more dangerous one to the city itself.
The end of the book left me with my mouth hanging open.
This story is full of paranormal creatures and will leave you wanting more, there’s plenty of romance, suspense and action to keep you turning the pages.