Brightest Kind of Darkness

Brightest Kind of Darkness - P.T. Michelle, Patrice Michelle Review of Brightest Kind of Darkness

Rating: 5 stars

The story is told through the eyes of Nara and she has such a cool gift. Every night she dreams the events of the following day, knowing exactly what will happen this helps her in school and her social life, when to avoid sticky situations and what answers she needs for exams but she gets sick of predicting everything.

Her dream shows her a bombing that will happen at her school so when she wakes up she reports it and in the process stops it from happening, she normally doesn’t interfere but this time she does and in doing so starts a chain reaction of accidents happening in her local school.

After the bombing situation Nara meets Ethan a loner who she falls very quickly for, but once she starts hanging out with him her dreams seem to stop. At first she’s okay with that but then her world starts falling apart around her as she feels blind. (Welcome to our world).

As the story picks up we learn about whom Ethan really is and what happened to Nara’s gifts, and soon she finds herself at war with fate itself. The story leaves you not sure who to trust and Ethan was on the top of my list of – bad guy acting good. But I was wrong and the love story between Ethan and Nara is so beautiful. The darkness in the book gets stronger as the story progress and I felt like I was looking over my shoulder when weird stuff started to happen to Nara. Invisible hands pushing her, fog on a mirror, a coldness growing around her, or words being whispered in her ear. The end was a very satisfying conclusion to the story.

I would highly recommend this book to fantasy and paranormal readers.