Dwellers of Darkness

Dwellers of Darkness - Stacey Marie Brown Dwellers of Darkness

Rating: 5 stars


Another funny, battle filled, mind boggling ride with Ember. Here we go.

This book was given to me by the Author for an honest review.

Okay so this is the third book in the Darkness Series and I have truly enjoyed Embers journey. I was a bit shocked when I realized at eighty percent through, that this book was not the end, I have to wait for the fourth book Blood beyond Darkness and that may not be the end either, once Ember is involved.

Ember is back from the Outer world and three years have passed so when she is taken back to the Dark Dwellers Eli is beyond pissed. But this is where the fun starts.

I love Ember and Eli being in the same room, their sense of humour and cruel jabs had me laughing my head off and to throw two pixies into the mix, Cal and Simmon, my sides where sore. They were fiercely loyal but yet so funny and Eli as usual was great at drawing them out.

Kennedy is another of my favourite Characters, she comes across as been a bit fragile and gentle but in this book we see Kennedy grow into a strong young women, with a bit of a bite, she didn’t get that from Ember or anything. :)

New revelations about who Ember really is come to light, some of it was sad but we see her reunited with her mum. I didn’t like her mum Lily at all, I actually really disliked her I felt she was selfish and the lies never stopped, she couldn’t just tell her daughter the truth but when Ember confronted her about this, she would make amber feel guilty for getting mad. I wanted to reach into the book and shake Lily while screaming “just tell her the truth it’s the least you could do” but o no, she continued to hide things from Ember, her excuse saying she was trying to protect her. “Yeah right”. Arghhhh she really annoyed me. ( I can only hope she will redeem herself in book four, or else……)

This book was definitely more focused on Eli and Ember and their love (kind of) it’s no romance in a sense but an animalistic love. It took over most of the story but I wasn’t complaining. :)
There were so many shocks, betrayals and lies that I was shaking my head at every one of them, I really don’t know how Ember stays sane, or how she can keep up with who she should trust. I couldn’t and was shocked by the end of it, by the person who sold her out.

So now I am left waiting once again for the next installment, to see if Ember can finally understand that keeping her mouth shut would really be for the best. (Nahh it’s too much fun, when she opens it) Can’t wait for Blood beyond Darkness.