Seven Sons

Seven Sons - Lili St. Germain Review of Seven Sons

Rating: 2 stars

I got this as a free download from amazon. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I started this book, so I was shocked with how descriptive this book was.

The main character Juliette had a tough life and now she’s out for revenge. At first I took Juliette for a kickass heroine who would serve justice on a plate but that’s not what I got. Instead I watched a broken and damaged women walk on a tight rope while the child inside her roared.

The scenes of rape I found so disturbing and the men no better than animals, every single one of them - no exceptions.
When Juliette comes face to face with the man that had killed her father, raped her and told his sons to the same, my stomach turned at Juliette actions. To get close to him in order to have her revenge she sleeps with him in the most crudest way. I didn’t get it, as if she wasn’t damaged enough.

I myself found this book to be disturbing. I often feel when I read from the perspective of a damaged individual and they exact their revenge on the person who inflicted the heartache on them, I get a sense of relief and it adds a happy ending. But Seven Sons has no happy ending in my opinion. It just allows us to watch a damaged soul be tormented.

This is the first book in this series. It wasn’t for me but others may enjoy it.