The Scourge

The Scourge - A.G. Henley Review of the Scourge

Rating: 5 Stars

This story blew me away and not just the amazing plot, No. It was the main character that kept me turning pages and feeling amazed at every brave action she conquers.

Fennel is born blind so the majority of the story is told through touch and smell and what others describe around her. In her world her blindness is a blessing for the people who fear the scourge. The scourge are zombie like, and would tear any person apart turning them into one of their own. Only one type of person is exempt – the blind. The scourge can’t touch the blind so they become a person highly dependent on in the village when the scourge arrives.

Fennel is the water bearer at times when the village is in hiding. As a groundling Fennel needs someone to watch over from above, people who live in the trees are known as Lofties and Fennel’s loftie is Peree. :) loved him.

The world building was well done and the inventive way of separating the clans due to colour gave a more daunting tone to this fantasy tale.

Fennel was one of the most kind and bravest people to read. Peree who watches her from the trees was interesting and an unexpected friendship blossoms between these two. The relationship is patient, kind and gentle. Bear is another love interest for Fennel but I much preferred Peree.

The basis of the Scourge and what Fennel and Peree thought about their world comes crashing down when they go in search of secret waters within the caves. Some revelations had me gasping but one about Fennel filled me with rage and I must admit I shed some tears.

This is the first book I have read where the heroine is blind and what a story it is. This was a well-crafted , imaginative and gripping tale of bravery love and a lesson lay within the story that us as humans give such power to lies that soon they become very real.