Feather - Laurie Lyons Feather

Star rating: 3 stars


The start of the story I was enthralled with Lucy a girl with photogenic memory, who was of course a genius and very interesting to watch as she moves through campus life. But then she meets Nat a guy with no memory. Lucy instantly falls for him, but there’s one catch no-one can see him but Lucy. So we watch them bond and soon learn that he’s an angel. This brought me up to 40% of the book and that’s when I stopped being intrigued and excited, as the rest was mostly a love story.
We do have a few surprises when we visit Lucy’s mum and we also get to see where Nat goes when he’s not with Lucy.
The love story itself was very well written and a beautiful story at that, but it just wasn’t’ for me as I prefer more action, a man to be a little rough, confusing and dark, but where Nat was a kind, caring loving person who smiled and laughed throughout the book.

Now saying all that I really liked Roman and would definitely read a story from his perspective, loved his aggression. (I know it’s so wrong).

Anyway overall an easy read. So if you like paranormal with the love story taking the lead then feather is for you.