Eden - Janelle Stalder Review of Eden

Star Rating: 4 stars


Eden is mostly based in a parallel world that’s set in medieval times, the story is told in an unusual way as the POV can change within paragraphs, yet it isn’t confusing. The second thing is it’s told mostly through the eyes of a fifteen year old boy who’s called Aiden. Aiden was bullied at school, he’s tall lanky and wore glasses he wasn’t my idea of a main character but he had the heart of a warrior yet he was still terrified. This would normally turn me off a book but not Eden. Once again I can’t wait for book two to see what has become of him. The other Characters where just as interesting like Wolf and Logan who were so funny. The women in the book Elisha, rose and Dana where strong and they will change the outcome of the battle without even knowing. (It’s all about a women’s touch 
The world was well detailed but for he first time it wasn’t the world building or plot that kept me reading , it was the amazing characters that kept me turning pages each story unique each character with a humane side, regardless of which side of the battle they stood on. One of my favourite was Callum’s story, he reminded me of Achilles in troy. A tortured soul that became a killing machine but it always takes a pure soul to save people like Callum. I just hope we learn more about him in book two.

Overall a great story and I can’t’ wait for more.