Damaged - Becca Vincenza

I just loved Damaged ( book one of the Rebirth Series)

Audrey is a broken young woman, who has been locked in a white room for over four years. Her torment and anguish of her time alone leaps off the pages. Becca Vincenza did a masterful job of taking us inside the mind of Audrey and showing us how damaged and how far the mind can bend, in the worst possible way.

A group of men come to save (or not to save) Audrey from her white room and take her into the outside world. Her reaction to human contact down to hearing someone’s voice or feeling someone’s touch was once again amazingly written.

Stone one of the group members feels very protective of Audrey straight away and sees her in a different light then what is painted even for us the reader. Hearing of her scarred face, and damaged mind she was interesting but I couldn't see the attraction to be honest, but as the story developed I could see what Stone saw in her. A beautiful young women who was strong, loving and above all willing to believe in good, even against all she went through, and as we find out exactly why Audrey was kept in the white room and tortured for so many years, the story lifts off and we are launched into a detailed and well thought out paranormal world that’s at war with different paranormal clans.

Nixie who befriends Audrey I just loved she was like a ray of sunshine, her wit and sharp but weird comebacks to others where really funny. :)

Another character I just loved was the wraith Elijah, and want to know more about him, I fear him and love him, all at the same time. :)

Overall a very well written story. A damaged girl written amazingly and characters that are so unique and interesting. For this authors first novel she should be applauded. Just brilliant. Well done and can't wait for book two.