The Danfians Prophecy

The Danfians Prophecy - L. Sengul Review of The Danfians Prophecy

(2nd review for September)

Reviewed by Tamara

Star rating: 1 star

This is a story of a prophecy that was born a girl. She was born to save the world from her nemesis Ivan, who is of the Sofayan species. In her forced adventure she falls in love with one of her captures Alexander the Sofayan. The true prophecy is then revealed.

The memoir style of writing seemed a little dry and lacking color to me. It changes from Chloe writing in diary style to Alexander writing the same sequence of events from his perspective. Sometimes the author would go into great detail but during the important times in the book it seemed as though she glossed over it as an after thought. The story line was pretty good but I still needed a bit more information on how the two alien breeds came to be on planet earth. The history prior to the action taking place was confusing. The writer needed to clearly define and write out the beginning of the book a little better. I also felt like the author used the word "whilst" instead of "while" to be confusing as well. Although it is a word of substitution it just did not fit with this book.

The characters were a bit "old fashioned" yet they were also futuristic. Two breeds of aliens, one on a quest to save the planet and the other to take it over and rule it while feeding off of the human spirits. It was a bit hickey nockey that Chloe and Alexander always called each other "my love." It actually made me think that this book cannot be taken too seriously if the writing was over the top.

The ending of course left you hanging as to what the characters will do to fulfill the prophesy but because the prophecy had been foretold it is easy to know how it will eventually end. Therefore, no need to read the next installment.