Wicked Hunger: Someone Wicked This Way Comes

Wicked Hunger: Someone Wicked This Way Comes - DelSheree Gladden Review of Wicked Hunger
(4th Review for August)

Rating 5 stars

The story is told through the eyes of Van and Zander a brother and sister, suffering from a curse handed down from their parents, we watch as both of them struggle with the understanding of what they really are.

I loved this book Zander was a complex character at first I felt I had him all figured out, he dealt with the curse better than Van well that’s how I felt at the start of the story. I thought his logic to not get attached and stay away from others was good. The so called cursed gave them urges to often kill or inflict pain on others, it didn’t happen to everyone around them, just some people seemed to arouse the hunger for pain or death in them. Even though Van and Zander both had the same curse they were still unique in different ways, Zander wanted death to be fast and Van liked to cause the most suffering. It was odd as both where not the hero’s, I felt I was seeing a Villain from a humane side that allowed me to understand the everyday struggle of not killing people.

With Van she won’t let go she doesn’t isolate herself but keeps her friends close and a love interest which makes the story really good, there is a love triangle for a while between Van, Noah and Ketchup but in my opinion there is no triangle because I can see where her heart is, and I truly hope she follows it. I can’t wait for the next instalment as wicked hungry just set the stage for what’s to come. I can’t wait to understand the curse fully, and see what secrets have been kept from Zander and Van. I hope we see a lot more of Ketchup also as he was a very likeable character.

The plot was not as simple as I thought at first it has layers upon layers, and I can’t wait to peel back every layer to see what lies beneath.

It’s another fantastic book from Author DelSheree Gladden and I am a huge fan.