Touch - Melissa Haag Review of Touch

Star Rating: 5 stars

First off I am a huge fan of Melissa Haag’s work, my number one book being Hope(less). In all my reviews Clay is always my number one man that is until I met Morik. (I’m Sorry Clay) but Morik is so so different.

Tessa is cursed any boy she touches she can see her future with them, she can see her children, her life. Sounds great except all the men die young.

A curse passed down to each generation, a curse that kills if you don’t pick your man by the age of seventeen.

The idea behind the book was amazing and it sucked me in from the start and then Morik arrives and my knees went weak. HIS EYES, HIS EYES, HIS EYES just fascinated me and his words, actions, patience and kindness had me falling for him far quicker than Tessa, but she has her reasons. As a character she was equally amazing for her strength and compassion, and her and Moriks story was beautiful.

There was one character that I wanted to smack, I just couldn’t understand Tessa’s selfish mother she grated on my nerves a lot. But we had Tessa’s grandmother to replace the mother role.

Overall I adored this book and would highly recommend it.