(Mis)fortune - Melissa Haag Review of (Mis)fortune

Rating: 5 stars


(Mis)fortune is all based around a young women called Michelle who has been kept as a prisoner by Blake, a were-wolf (Well kind of). To keep her a prisoner he threatens her with her two younger brothers Aden and Liam, they are only four and five.
Blake makes Michelle sit through a meal once a month, where he brings his friends. Michelle keeps her head down but being annoyed by a guy across from her she kicks him, getting the unwanted attention of Blake. His anger shows his true nature and Michelle watches as Blake’s teeth lengthen and sharpen, Michelle’s fear and confusion is very believable. Shortly after Michelle’s step dad is murdered and she escapes the clutches of Blake taking her to brothers with her.
So Michelle fleas and soon meets Emmitt, a man willing not only to protect her from Blake’s men, but to help her and her brothers. Emmitt takes Michelle to his own home where we meet Jim and Nana Wini. Michelle keeps the truth about why Blake is after her and her gift hidden. But Emmitt has his own secrets also.

In (Mis)fortune, so much of the plot comes together. The first book was about Gabby I just loved it, but this book which is the second instalment gives us a few more answers as to try and understand who these women are. We get more answers when Emmitt takes Michelle to the compound and we meet his mother, who seems to have gift of her own.

Michelle’s fear through the story never lets go and I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for her, as she suffered at the hands of Blake for four years her love for her two brothers was her Achilles heel in Blake’s eyes. The relationship that blossoms between the boys and Jim and Emmitt was lovely. Jim was a real character I just loved him and his ability to piss Emmitt off was priceless.

The love story between Michelle and Emmitt is very slow paced but yet it always held my interest. But no-one can beat Clay from book one, he was something else.

Anyway I would highly recommend this book to all romance, paranormal and fantasy readers.
I’m off to read Part three (Un)wise.