Hope(less)  - Melissa Haag Review of Hope(Less)
(5th Review for July)
Rating: 5 stars

O god this was one of those books that I was screaming at 95% the way through and then the last 5% made it all okay.

Okay where to start firstly I loved Gabby she was a loner who always kept herself at a distance, which I didn’t blame her, we all love male attention but the attention that Gabby received was creepy and unnatural. I could understand her distancing herself from the world, also being switched from foster home to foster home did nothing to help her trust issues, so when Gabby comes across Sam a werewolf she starts to find some answers to her unnatural gifts (which I think are pretty cool) this isn’t your normal irritating werewolf story, we see it as finding a group of people within their own world with their own rules, it’s fascinating it’s not this is my pack against your pack but how one pack operates I loved learning and watching Gabby grow with them, even though she is kind of human. My feelings on Sam I am still unsure feeling very disappointed in him, for not being totally honest with Gabby when what she needed was someone she could truly trust. But when she is marked by Clay the story gets interesting and this is where I started screaming at every single page.

It’s the weirdest love story I have ever read Clay being a werewolf seems to understand Gabby more than she does herself so he takes matters into his own hands not wanting to frighten her, I don’t want to say too much and give the story away but I will say for 95% of the book he says nothing – really I am not messing nothing but he doesn’t need to his actions speak louder than words, but when he does speak my stomach did a little flop and I let out a sigh, yes it was worth waiting for, just a line or two and I was in love.

So basically when I finished I felt the story was only getting started and I want the second book like now. Just can’t wait to read it. Very unusual story but one that brings love forward as something gentle and patient yet with enough roughness to me you sigh sigh sigh. Love it.