The Chronicles of Elydir: Silverdream and Bloodfire

The Chronicles of Elydir: Silverdream and Bloodfire - Brenda Wynn,  WillowRaven Plus (Illustrator)
Silverdream and Bloodfire
(3rd Review for October)
Star rating 5 stars

Some of this story is based in the mortal world and told through the eyes of a young woman called Amanda, who is in a wheel chair; it was this part of the story that caught me off guard. I never read of the heroine having such a disability and one I never really thought about. But reading from Amanda’s perspective was intriguing and educational to understand what one must live with when unable to walk. Her struggles through life, where so real my heart broke for her, yet she was strong and persistent when many would have given up. She lives a normal life, going to college having a part time job, and a boyfriend (one I really didn't like).

Amanda becomes fascinated with a Harcot property that supposedly holds notes from its previous owner (who also was in a wheelchair) Dr.Harcot who believed another world existed with strange creatures and magic. He built the Harcot property to experiment but soon after no one ever saw him again. So Amanda rents out the property to search for his notes (under the watchful and evil eye of Stevenson) and she gets far more than she bargains for by trading places with the Prince of Elydir while he is performing for the Bloodfire ritual. This is where the story really starts when Amanda finds herself in Elydir with the ability to walk, and Kelvan finds himself in the mortal world unable to walk. Amanda is soon announced as the Coritus which is the one that can banish all evil.

We start off in Elydir with Kantis who is a powerful sorcerer. Kantis is a really likable character throughout the story we see his love for his people but mostly for Kelvan the prince and hopefully the future Coritus the one who would banish the evil from Elydir. But when it all boils down Kantis will do anything to save his world, and if that means putting Kelvan aside and taking Amen-Jen (Amanda) under his wing it is what he will do, with the support of King T’Kerr and even against the wishes of Queen Tabitha he helps Amen-Jen on her journey to banish Aton and Hagah the evil witch.

The world of Elydir is fascinating and I applaud the author for such descriptive and imaginary writing. Elydir is set in medieval times, and fuelled with magic; the land is split between elves, dwarfs, humans and Sorcerers. Elydir is a place where dragons live, and such small things as flowers can kill. I was drawn into a world that I felt I walked on the soil or could smell the sea, or even taste the unusual food they eat, even down to the creature’s that grazed or lived amongst the people was imaginary and unusual it was really learning a whole new world with its own language and ways.

The story is far from over I am truly eager to see what happens. This was exceptionally written book with more imagination than I have read in a long time.