PODs - Michelle Pickett Review of PODs

Rating 4 stars

(3rd Review for July)


I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

The thing about this book that made it different from every other Zombie book was that it didn't just show the aftermath of the “Zombie Virus” we got to see the before which was very interesting and well written. I finished PODs in one sitting it just kept me turning pages. The actual Pod system was well thought out and even though it was a bit like big brother – watching a group of people do day to day stuff it still kept me interested.

I must admit I cried when Eva was being separated from her parents I could feel her panic and then numbness, it was so so sad, and her fear was tangible when she reached the decontaminating camp. I mean to be selected as a person who would be saved from the virus and then treated the way they were in my opinion they were treated like criminals in a sense, locked up in glass boxes, it just sounded horrible and It didn't stop there, there seemed to be no human compassion when the world was at its end yet not one ounce of kindness or reassurance was given from the adults over the pod system, it showed great character in Eva at how strong she was throughout the whole ordeal.

On leaving the pod system I was excited to see where everyone would go, and wasn't shocked when camps were set up, but once again it displayed the adult’s as cold and callous.

Spoiler: http://aoifesheri.wordpress.com/2013/07/16/review-of-pods-by-author-michelle-k-pickett/

Eva – her best quality was how stubborn she was, I just loved it about her and her sense of humour only heightened when she was angry, she had me smiling so much with her angry/smart comments. Eva’s shyness was lovely to see too, even though by her description you could tell she was beautiful, yet a compliment from David turned her bright red.

The love story was well paced intense, open and gentle. There was no push and shove, they loved each other and were never afraid to show it.

The Zombies – I didn't get to feel afraid while reading this book until the very end, but there is a book two which I can assume will be filled with action as much as I loved this book the lack of action was a bit disappointing but in saying that I can’t wait for book two.