Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry Review: Dare you to

3.5 stars

(1st review for September)

I picked this book up in the young adult section thinking it was fantasy, I was wrong.

It’s based around a dysfunctional girl called Beth whose father and mother where addicts and there is a strong element of neglect that soaks this sad tale. Yet I found humour in it, as Beth was funny that’s angry funny but more times I just felt sorry for her and her messed up life. Once a perfect girl now a young woman who takes drugs, drinks and smokes, she pretty much screams at the world for the injustice of her life, but really she never helps herself until she is sent to live with her uncle where she meets Ryan the school Jock who has been dared to get her number. He seems to have the perfect life but behind closed doors his life is controlled by his parents who hate each other. It’s all about keeping up appearances with his family.

So when Beth and Ryan meet they soon start to fall for each other taking five steps forward and ten back. It’s a bit draining but they are pretty messed up.

An enjoyable read just a little too heavy for me.