The First Book of Carrie

The First Book of Carrie - D. Antoinette Review of The First Book of Carrie
(1st Review for August)
Rating: 3.5 stars

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
I found the plot similar to a few angel and humans integration stories. But with this book it was more focused on the demon aspect of it, which gave it a new kind of take.

Carrie having a demon inside her is not your usual main character. She’s not the one who has evil inside her but fights it, no in fact she commits horrible acts, and enjoys every second of the misery she causes the only humane part in her is brought out by a boy called Noah. Her aunts and mother are also born with a demon inside them and the crimes they commit are horrible, living for centuries gives them a head start above Carrie to cause havoc, misery and basically make people sin.

There is an interesting question in the book that stayed with me long after putting the book down. When Carries mother asks her “What makes someone a good person?”
This really got me thinking and when Carrie responds with people like the pastor or a neighbour who takes in homeless children I had to agree with Carrie’s assessment only to have it shattered by her mother’s response. The so called good neighbour taking in all the homeless children was sexually abusing them and worse, the pastor a greedy thief. So was it really a curse that Carrie could see beyond the surface into the souls of humans even if she feed off their sin, or a gift?
The concept was very interesting and like I said it got me thinking a lot about what makes someone a good person.

The only downside to this story was there was too much dialogue I understand the aunts and her mother’s past lives had to be shared but at times it felt like I spent more times in the past then the present.

I will definitely read book two, to see what happens.