The Escape of Princess Madeline

The Escape of Princess Madeline - Kirstin Pulioff Review of The escape of Princess Madeline.

Rating 5 stars

The book was given to me from the author for an honest review.

Firstly this was just like sleeping beauty, snow white or little red riding hood. A fairy tale that our parents read to us before bed-time, maybe the escape of Princess Madeline is the re-telling of a fairy-tale, I am not sure but just loved it, it made me feel like a child again. This is one to have on your fairy-tale book shelf.
Madeline a princess is being married off, but doesn’t want the life of a princess she wants adventure while her father pushes her harder into what is right for the Kingdom. At first Madeline rebels in small ways not wearing a dress laid out for her, being rude to guests but the King soon pushes too hard and Madeline escapes the Kingdom going on an unexpected adventure one she hadn’t exactly been dreaming about, she gets kidnapped by bandits.
Knights are dispatched to find Princess Madeline. Daniel is amongst them, the one who loves the princess not because of her status but because of the person she is.

The author takes us on a magical journey of the Kingdom with adventure and mostly love. An enchanting story one that all young girls “Princess’s” should read or even for some of us that never grew up. (Guilty)

Thank you for allowing me to read your work.