Cursed be the Syhlain (Aoife and Demon, #1)

Cursed be the Syhlain (Aoife and Demon, #1) - Humeira Kazmi, Shamila Ghyas Review of Aoife and Demon
Rating: 5 stars
(3rd Review for June)

Wow I haven’t fallen in love with a book like this in a long time. I actually can’t wait to read it again and savour the humour, romance and world building. If I could give it ten stars I would. JUST AMAZING.

Characters: Aoife well we share the same name, so great choice LOL :) But that’s as far as the similarities go unfortunately. Aoife had me holding my sides, she was witty, sarcastic and feisty everything I love in a main character. She captivated me. I felt myself sink, turning the last page. I didn’t want to leave her, demon or Azure for that matter. So Book Two better be ready soon. I am so the first in the cue.

Okay Demon: Hmmm demon, demon, demon, he was HOT. Ahh I was drooling he was that hot and was such a cruel smart arse, BUT I LOVED HIM he was such a man, ahhh more drool. Okay back to my review gotta stop day dreaming about demon but basically is what I am trying to say is I LOVED HIM>

Azure what a pet, yes he is blue but he was so good to Aoife, and loyal to Demon. He seemed to be there every time Aoife needed him and he was very handy with his shape shifting abilities.

The world building was beautiful. I could picture the small villages to the creatures that lived there.

Can’t wait for book 2. I only have one moment that’s annoying me, was it wise for Aoife to tell demon about how Shehrzad really died?