The Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon - Nikki Broadwell REVIEW OF THE WOLF MOON


(2nd Review for July)

I was given this book for free by the author for my honest opinion:

This is the third book in the Wolf Moon Trilogy. I haven't read book one (The Moonstone) or book two (Saille The Willow) but could easily pick up on book three with no problems.

I loved the detailed description of Scotland from the smell in the air, to the small white cottages, to the simplicity of their ways. Maeve being from a large city seemed to fall in love with their enchanting ways. it took a while for a detailed description of Maeve's physical appearance to come through, but when it did she fitted the picture perfectly with her red curly hair and green eyes. Throughout the story we watch Maeve grow into an extraordinary woman with so much ability.

The outerworld was fascinating, now plunged into darkness by Brandubh the evil priest, Maeve is the only one who can save it as the prophecy was told a long time ago, the outworld is fuelled with magic, creatures and animals with abilities to communicate, trees that have souls and plants that can heal.

Harold who is Maeve's boyfriend play's a huge role in the outerworld, surprising them both the second chance he is given causes a new love to bloom between them that is beautiful to watch.

Over all a very well written story that was very enjoyable. I loved the Gaeltacht in the story as it's my countries language. Nikki Broadwell made it sound magical. :)

So go raibh míle maith agat for such a magical story.