Secret of Betrayal

Secret of Betrayal - DelSheree Gladden (1st review for October)

Reviewer: Tamra

Who to Trust

The Destroyer, Libby, gets right into action in this second book of the trilogy. Her acceptance to save the world is unconditional and she has now found the means to start the process. With the help of her ex-boyfriend Lance, her current boyfriend Milo and her wanna be boyfriend Braden she has more trouble than she seems to be able to handle. Between figuring out who to love, who to trust and who to kill her world becomes chaos. The mission is to set the ciphers free and get them to safety so they can become her army and help save/destroy the world.

In "Secret of Betrayal" the title lets the reader know that someone within their ranks will betray them and it does indeed happen. Even as Libby's gifts grow stronger and her abilities seem to be doing things that were once impossible she is still unable to find out who will betray her. The author did a fabulous job of keeping the plot fresh and did not bog it down with fluff. I usually find the second book of any series to be just a lot of filler and preparation for the next installment but this book did none of that. It had its own plot and left the ending open so that the third book has its own plot as well. Excellent job!

I am excited for the third and last book in this series to see how the author has ended this trek for Libby and her friends. To find out if she can indeed live a "normal" life that she so desperately wants.