A Sight to Dream Of

A Sight to Dream Of - P.G. Forte www.reviewoffantasy.com

(4th Review for June)

While reading Scent of the Roses (Book 1 of the Oberon Series), there was one particular person who intrigued me, one that I would have loved to read about. So when I picked up A Sight to Dream Of and realized it was about Marsha, the woman who had intrigued me, I was delighted, and I most certainly wasn't disappointed with the plot and madness of the story.

This one was filled with a lot of magic, but where Marsha is concerned, so is magic, murder and mystery. I just loved her and really liked her love story with Sam – what a perfect fit for her. As for her ex-husband, I wanted to strangle him, but his actions allowed us to see Marsha as an insecure person, something I didn't think possible. She always came across as a busy body, hard, strong woman you didn't cross. But seeing her as insecure, shy and a bit afraid was a breath of fresh air.

The story also wraps around scouts and Nick’s wedding. Drama, drama, drama… but Lucy is the wedding planner. With the build-up to the wedding and Nick's family sharpening their pitch forks, another murder takes place. Nick spends all his time trying to find out who killed the reporter Paige, and a new can of worms are open. Once again, I found myself pointing fingers at everyone… always getting it wrong.

Once again, P.G Forte has taken readers on a rollercoaster ride, one I didn’t want to end.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good murder mystery with plenty of drama and the right amount of magic.