Dream Student

Dream Student - J.J. DiBenedetto,  Ami Low (Illustrator) Dream Student

I am rating this book with four stars.
(3rd Book for April)

Firstly I must note that the cover in no way reflects the actual story, it looks like a children’s book and what a shame, I can only imagine more people pass this book because of its cover I would. But I was asked to review it for my honest opinion and I am glad that I was.
The story is told through the eyes of Sara, a young twenty year old med student. She starts by having dreams some just a fantasy about a boy she has never met, but she soon comes to meet him. Some of her dreams are much more gruesome which are actual murders, and sometimes she sees other people’s dreams. But all Sara’s dreams are linked to reality which she soon finds out.
Sara is a very likable character and easy to relate too. This book is far more like a thriller then fantasy and not something I would normally pick up, but I must admit I truly enjoyed it. It was a well thought out book, with a great plot that kept you guessing to the end also this book has a beautiful love story that blossoms throughout it.
This is part of a series and one that I will to continue to read.

A well written book that I would highly recommend.