Mer - Jade M. Phillips Review of MER by Jade M. Phillips

Rating 5 star

I was given a free copy of MER for an honest review.
Firstly I must compliment the cover it really is beautiful.
The opening scene I must say was very well written you could practically feel the breeze on your face to the waves lapping against the fishing boat. I knew straight away once the men pulled in their enormous catch that this story was going to take me to a place that only existed in bed- time stories.

The main character is Quinlan who is only ten years old but she is full of mischief always getting in trouble. She is funny to read and she doesn't act like a lady brought up in wealth there is no snobbishness about her, she befriends staff of the castle, but in particular a kitchen boy named Noam. On a night of finding a glowing rock her future changes. When her grandfather comes to visit her, she leaves with Noam in toe, and they end up on an adventure that will change their lives forever. When sixteen year old Aaric, fourteen year old Aleena and her husband prince Tolan realize that Quinlan is missing, they leave to find her, taking their fathers ship. On their journey to find their sister they discover a secret that isn’t meant to exist.

The writing was flawless and it was like an old fable story come to life.
Overall this was a very enjoyable Young adult adventure. It is very well told and I could see everything so clearly in my head, as the author paints such clear pictures. I would recommend this to all age groups of fantasy readers. I can’t wait for the second book in this series.