Pumkiniah the brave

Pumkiniah the brave - G.E. Beyers Review of Pumkiniah the brave

Rating 5 stars
(5th Review for June)


What can I say, reading this book felt like the first time I sat down and watched Monster’s Inc. or Shrek, it opened a whole new world of storytelling to me. This book was just as good, and I know if it gets into the right hands, I will one day sit down and watch it on the big screen.

Pumkiniah makes me smile even saying her name, I can see her as a scraggily yet neat and organized little fairy, always wanting to do her best and never afraid of change. She has a heart of gold. How naive she was had me laughing throughout the story. I often found myself reading parts and ringing my sister up (who has two children) that I know will adore this book, I would try my best to describe what I’m reading to let her see the humour in this story.

The author’s world was fascinating it’s something I love when I watch the likes of Shrek, Despicable me or the Incredible. I love the way they can mimic our world yet they do things totally different. In Pumkiniah the brave I loved how the author invented the transportation from a bird to a bottle, and where they lived in trees, the top shelf of the library or small cracks between builds – really just under our feet. G.E. Beyer has opened a whole new world to me one that I just loved.

I will definitely purchase a few copies of this book, for my nieces and nephews as it’s one they will love, and one I truly can’t wait to see on the big screen.

Thank you so much for allowing me to read such an enchanting story - of one, small but brave tooth fairies adventure.