The House on Blackstone Moor

The House on Blackstone Moor - Carole Gill Review of the House on Blackstone Moor
Rating 3 stars

The Story is told through the eyes of Rose, a damaged young lady in her twenties, abused at the hands of the people she trusts the most.
After coming home to find her family dead, she is whisked off to an asylum, where Doctor Bannion takes her under his wing and secures a job for at the house on Blackstone Moor. Her duties at the house are to take care of Ada and Simon the children of Mr and Mrs Darton.
Half way through the book you get the idea that something sinister is happening at the house, but once you reach the half-way point the book goes into full throttle.
I have spent all day trying to think of how to explain this book, as I have never read one quite like it. It’s told through the eyes of Rose but she is speaking to the reader at times saying things like “Bear with me” and “We will learn more about that later in the story” It is an unusual way of writing, one I have never encountered before, different but not off putting.
Anyway to explain the story it’s evil to its core. My stomach turned so much reading this book that it’s not for the light hearted ( like myself, I have a very weak stomach). It’s a book of incest, rape, abuse, lies, betrayals, murder and sadness so so much sadness.

It reminds me of the taker, but on a much heavier scale. Perfectly written, the story held my interest but when it was gruesome, it was gruesome.