Dust to Dust: Fangs for Your Memories

Dust to Dust: Fangs for Your Memories - Eden Crowne Review of Dust to Dust

I am rating this book 3.5 stars

It doesn't take long to get into the story where Drake is trying to kill Tamsin she inhabits another’s body not just anybody but an evil vampire princess one that has tormented Drake through time. But Drake being Fae soon sees that the soul that is now in the Princess body is a young woman who very quickly he falls for. A love develops very rapidly between the two, and soon turns into a very steamy scene.

Tamsin’s soul was torn apart by soul eaters tearing it into four pieces, so she can take over another’s body (not human’s) just as they are about to die. She roams the earth trying to gather her broken soul so maybe she can go to heaven but the results she is unsure of. Tamsin is very likable no damsel in distress. When she enters a body she takes on all their skills which I must say is pretty cool, especially with the vampire princess, who can control certain elements, really enjoyed that.
The story is very well written but I would have liked to see the love story played out a bit longer with far more tension, not just to jump right in. There is plenty of action which I loved especially the museum it had me holding my breath.