Seekers of the stone

Seekers of the stone - A.K Hawking Review of; Seekers of the Stone.

Review of Fantasy/Paranormal Books

Where to begin, this story is fantasy/Sci-fi and the tale is woven through facts and fiction, an elaborate tale of the end of the world as we know it, only to be stopped by information that was laid out and hidden from us by people of the past.

The story is mainly told through the eyes of Saira a young seeker who can revisit past lives and shape shift. Seekers are few on earth and their existence are kept secret. Saira is living in a world where the weather rages uncontrollably destroying much of the earth, it’s set in Alaska 2252, she has been given the impossible mission of seeking knowledge about the Mayan calendar that held the truth about past, present and future events that would occur.

In order to save the world she must find the calendar and decipher the code to save the earth. But as always it’s a puzzle of putting past with present, unearthing secret scrolls, finding stones that can take you anywhere in the past, hidden caves and unearthing buried treasure.
It’s woven beautifully and makes you think, could these facts possibly be true? is there so much more to our existence?. It’s an amazing story that I know will linger with for a long time, and one of those books that I will read again. The story is jammed packed with information yet easy to follow and fast paced. There is a love story throughout the book, and a story of family and friendship.

I would highly recommend this, hence why I gave it five stars. If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be that it’s a masterpiece.

Well done A.K. Hawing, what a wonderful story.