Elixir Bound

Elixir Bound - Katie L. Carroll
Review of Fantasy/Paranormal Books

The opening scene of Katora on the Case Farm is so well written, I could see it so clearly. Katora is driven and hardworking and next in line to take over the family farm that is well known for their essence drink. But on a wintry night a stranger arrives looking for elixir to save his only grandson. At that moment Katora is thrown into a world wind of secrets and responsibility. Not only is she next in line to take over the farm. She is also next in line to become protector of the Elixir.

With the Elixir running out Katora must take her first journey into Faway Forest, Kylene, Bhar, and Hirsten accompany Katora as well as Palafair a small demick creature who is part of the family.
This is where the story begins. Well faway forest is definitely full of creatures and the unknown it doesn't take long before trouble finds Katora and her companions, it seems she is not the only one looking for the ingredients of the Elixir.

There is a love story between Katora and Hirsten that grows throughout the story. The story is fast paced with action and adventure it never slows and we get to meet a witch, demick creatures, and so much more.

I would recommend this book as a good read.