The Taker

The Taker - Alma Katsu Okay, first note this book is NOT a love story. The book seems to suggest it is but really it isn't. It's a story of obsession, infatuation, and it displays us (humans) in our most cruelest and selfish forms. This book does not belong on the shelf I found it on. It's not the sort of book I read. But I read it and can't state how well written this book was, her descriptions and detail blow me away. The story is dark and twisted with some horrible sex scenes. I had to walk away from the book every 70 pages as it got too much. Yet i wanted to find out what happened to Lanny, that is what drew me back. I skipped all of Luke and when I finished the book it wasn't necessary for me to read him. (that is my opinion). I had bought the second book the same day as the first, but I will leave it for a while before i read it, as I am use to the more softer story. But the author should be applauded for superb writing and an amazing story line, that goes so deep and so detailed. I was trying to think of one word to use to describe this book and I would have to fascinating. It was like finding out a new species existed. Well done Alma Katsu.