Untamed Valor

Untamed Valor - Virginia E. Lee Review for Untamed Valor
Star Rating: 3.5 stars

Untamed Valor is a mix of post apocalypse with sci-fi and Romance.

Firstly let me say the world building and the culture of the open people that Virginia E. Lee created was so well written that I felt as if I was transported there. I loved the world this story was set in, everything was so raw from how they lived, to what they eat, but for me the violence and treatment of Sascha was horrible, but Violence was a theme in this book and some scenes where very strong.

On starting I had no idea that Sci-fi would become part of this book but when we meet York and Maurice (City people) I was taken aback thinking (What???) but surprisingly the two different genres worked well together and it gave this book something different and unique.

With York and Maurice they come from a completely different type of world then Sascha’s. Their world is the future, with technology and even machines that they can heal themselves with, violence they would have never known but they experience first-hand from Klaus who is keeping Sascha captive.
Once they escape the story becomes a journey and a love story between Sascha and York and it’s great to watch two people from two very different cultures come together.

Overall a very interesting read, but we never get to visit the City and that was a little disappointing but I hope in the second book we do.